Maritime Shipyard Welding Update

One of the classic products that always has, and always will, need expert welders is the ship. Shipbuilding through the last century grew in large part dependent on welding technology. From Rosie the Riveter to Her Majesty’s greatest shipbuilders, countless folks have been employed down by the shipyard. The maritime industry chugs forward like a steady barge. All aboard at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co, where welders obtain the equipment and advice needed to become professionals in the Atlanta, GA region.


Recently a distinct leap in welding technology took place on Lake Superior, Michigan. The companies that operate on that giant body of water serve clients from the US Coast Guard to commercial freight companies. It is important for these ship companies to be able to make repairs on the fly, without stopping the ship on its voyage. Carrying giant tanks of gas across the deck while at sea is not only cumbersome, but even dangerous. Now a battery powered welding machine can manage TIG and stick operations on single charge, with just a small gas tank for TIG being the only additional welding equipment required for onboard repairs.


Out in the Great Lakes region, commerce both interstate and international takes place at a rapid pace. Any down time from broken ships would be detrimental to bottom lines and consumer confidence. Due to this intense work environment, skilled welders are needed year-round to ensure fleets are kept in top condition. If you are a welding student or expert professional welder looking for a change of scenery, maybe you can consider a shift to the maritime industry. Crews of welding machinists are valued personnel out on the waters and on the shore. To gain the expertise and welding equipment you’ll need to succeed in the fast-paced world of maritime welding, just contact Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in the Atlanta, GA region today!