Making the Cut: Information on Cutting Machines

As welders, we need high-quality welding equipment to assist us with all of our projects. Getting the right cutting machine can make your work successful and more enjoyable, as well as increase your efficiency. If you’re torn between plasma and oxy, we’d like to share our insights about these two methods to help steer you in the right direction. And if you feel like you’ve still got more questions after reading this blog post, the staff at Sidney Lee Welding Supply is always available to help you find the answers you need!


Made for the welder on the go, Oxy-Acetylene torch cutters don’t require electricity to operate. All you need is your full tank of welding gas at hand and you’re ready to cut through huge amounts of metal. When it comes to sheer power, these cutters go above and beyond. With that power, though, comes a certain lack of precision. This tool was made to harness a great deal of force so their operator can work quickly to cut large quantities of metal and let us tell you, it always delivers.


The other option is to buy a set of Plasma Cutters. These do require power, leaving you less mobile than the Oxy-Acetylene torch cutters allow, but they make up for this by offering impressive precision on thin metals. If you’re someone who works with aluminum and steel a great deal, this is the choice for you. Fast, simple to use, and providing excellent results, Plasma Cutters are a great option.

Sidney Lee Welding Supply carries both of these cutting tools and we’re always happy to show you around our stock of high-quality welding tools and equipment!