Life as a Welder Today

The field of welding is growing every day. In fact it’s never been a better time to take up this useful trade in the United States. As one of the leading suppliers of welding supplies in Atlanta, GA, we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply know the state of the field. We meet welders like you every day. Let’s take a look at life as a welder in the modern world.

First of all, learning the trade has never been more accessible to student welders. Community college programs have popped up around the country, providing affordable part- and full-time education opportunities to would-be welders. Further, trade schools often feature expert leaders in the field who are ready to guide students in the ins and outs of the ways of welding. So a student can choose from an option as fast as a six-month certification track, or opt for a two-year intensive to reach for higher earnings out of the gate. With the building boom in cities across the nation, welders are needed to complete infrastructure improvements as well as create the framework of buildings for dwelling and business everywhere.


It is not uncommon for an established professional welder to make upwards of $100,000 yearly. For this reason alone, welding creates a path to honest living for hard-working Americans these days. The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics reported that a welder’s median hourly wage reached more than $18 an hour in 2015. Considering that this is about 250% of the federal minimum wage, it’s no wonder that many High School grads decide to pursue certification in welding straight out of school, building on any on-the-job training they may have already acquired.


The science of joining two metals together is an ancient one. In modern times, with methods like GMAW and GTAW allowing technicians to join finer metals with greater ease, welders are needed everywhere. From manufacturing bicycles to power plants, fine art to weaponry, or just repairing a neighbor’s exhaust pipe, welding gets the job done. So you can imagine that a welder’s life is no set course, but can take shape anywhere metal needs to be reshaped. And lest we forget to mention, women are making a comeback in the field, too. Just check out Women Who Weld, a nonprofit created to teach the skill to women eager to learn their way around welding equipment decades after Rosie the Riveter made women welders famous.

In an industry that works through more than $30 billion of annual product in this country alone, there is plentiful opportunity to pursue the art and science of welding. Many businesses in the fabrication field are reporting that there is a shortage of skilled workers, and no shortage of work! To get your hands on the welding equipment perfect for both student and expert welders such as the machines made by Miller welders, reach out to Sidney Lee Welding Supply, Inc at any of our five locations in the Atlanta, GA region today!