Let’s Go to Welding School

Welding Behind Bars

If you are seeking an exciting and lucrative field that can establish your career while building up the nation’s infrastructure, welding might be right for you! Depending on your level of experience in the field, attending a reputable welding school could be the obvious first step. If you happen to live near Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in the Atlanta, Georgia region, then you have a number of options to learn your way around the operation of modern welding equipment. Look into trade schools in your neighborhood, then contact us for the best deals on welding supplies especially geared toward students of welding.


Certain trade schools even organize direct paths to work placements so that you can put your new skills to use, and make money on the job right away.

Depending on your career goals (and budget), you can decide whether to get a basic certificate or opt for professional diploma specializations such as electro-mechanical, pipefitting, or even shipbuilding. An example curriculum at a community college or trade school might look something like this.

An introduction to techniques for operating welding equipment, as well as the most common types of welding gas, is the foundation of any welding education. Methods of cutting from oxy-acetylene to plasma should form a good chunk of your learning. This should be followed by at least an overview of each main kind of welding equipment used in arc welding: stick welding, TIG, and MIG welding machines like those made by Miller welders. Basic welding education can usually be completed in two college semesters or about seven months. At welding school you will be able to apply your knowledge with many hours of hands-on practice in order to learn the variety of positions and processes used by welding professionals to join metal together in all kinds of applications. A comprehensive welding education should cover welds like vertical up and down, butt and groove welds, plate welds, all kinds of pipe fits, as well as special cases like thin metal welds. Make sure the school you choose can give you the education you require to succeed!


If you have any questions about welding methods and the welding supplies you need to carry them out in the workplace, just ask your local experts at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in the Atlanta, GA area.