Lasers, Ahoy!

Transportation is by and large made possible only by the skillful hands of the welding force. No matter the type of application, it’s important to ensure that welds are watertight. But when it comes to shipbuilding, there’s no room to budge in this demand. Only expert welders are entrusted with ship fabrication to ensure that boats are absolutely safe. But in this day and age, we get help from advancing technology that has made our fabrication methods more precise and successful.


Industrial welding shops often utilize assembly line methodology to complete their work. When it comes to building ships, these assembly lines can be massively long, sometimes spanning over several hundreds of feet! In these shops, nothing but the best technology is used to create the ships and boats that we depend upon. Beyond robotic automation, you’ll also see incredible, advanced laser welding equipment. These are used, guided by computers, to quickly and efficiently create the welds that used to be made meticulously by hand.


Have we piqued your interest? We understand. Hybrid laser arc welding (also referred to as HLAW) is an incredibly powerful form of fabrication that brings together traditional arc welding with magnified light beams. If you’re interested in learning more on how laser is used in assembly ship building, you’re in the right place! Sidney Lee Welding is the best spot to start. Come by one of our locations today and talk to our experts about this and more types of welding!