Keep it Simple Welding

Pulse welding, plasma torches, and all the latest welding equipment available in Georgia might be what’s on
your holiday list for 2020, but remember that for some old-fashioned jobs, old-fashioned welding equipment can do the job just fine. One heart-warming tale has just crossed our desk that we love for exactly this reason.


A modern welder recalls how his father grew up in rural Appalachia among a dozen siblings. He lived through an early mining accident, which made him choose another profession, despite that one being the norm out in the region among working tradesmen. A stroke of luck found him a sponsor among his father’s buddies, who suggested he could finance a welding education. The only catch was that, since the sponsor knew how welding could be such a lucrative career, the boy pay him back once he was a professional welder. A few skips and bumps along the way led to a roundabout career, but eventually, he found his way among shipbuilders as the only welder onboard. Shoulder to shoulder with shipfitters, he fumbled his way through starting an arc on his welding torch. Finally sparking the welding equipment properly with the guidance of some fellow tradesmen who looked kindly upon the rookie, he was able to do some simple tacking. His luck continued, since that one maneuver – which he did remember from welding school – was the single thing he had to do onboard that ship.
He was on his way to becoming a master welder.


Likewise, one career open to welders is pipefitting. This is one track of welding where you can choose from a variety of welding equipment from standard arc welders, to TIG (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding), and flux-cored arc welding, depending on the kind of pipe that needs welding. Be sure to keep it simple by learning how to work with the equipment in a natural way. Practice your stance, and learn to drop beads or create weaves with good muscle memory over time. Whichever torch you need, Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co has the Miller Welders that you can depend on to get the job done right the first time.