Investing in Welding Education

Another year has gone by, and we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. in Atlanta, GA are happy to report continued growth in both private and public investing in our nation’s institutions of welding education. It seems hardly a month passes without news of another ribbon-cutting ceremony at a new state-of-the-art welding facility at a community college or private institute for the education of those who work with welding equipment in Georgia and the other fine states of this union.


From High School to Community College, and beyond, a solid welding education is one sure way to kickstart an equally solid career utilizing welding equipment to build, fix, and create technology, art, and infrastructure. As the national economy rallies to pull itself out of a crisis, it is encouraging to see such a collaboration of the private sector with the public interest. We see modest grants of $100,000 and even much smaller adding up to entire new welding labs at community colleges across the country. Even trade unions of pipefitters and plumbers get in on the action, knowing that their money is well-spent on welding’s future. One school in the Midwest gladly directs this money to construction of entirely new facilities to stock with the latest welding gear before students return to classes this year.


As trusted purveyors of welding supplies in Atlanta, GA, Sidney Lee knows consumables. It’s pretty encouraging to notice that foundations donate these crucial welding supplies in addition to monetary funds. A foundation in Canada recently donated millions of dollars in cash and in-kind equipment from machines like Miller welders to electrodes and flux for the MIG and TIG machines to consume. That’s going to be one well-prepared welding lab when students return to class this fall! That particular initiative is funded with the goal of making welding education accessible to students of all ages, from youth and high school through college-aged students. They report, “We envision a future where all individuals are encouraged and given the support they need to reach their true potential in a career in welding.” We at Sidney Lee sure do, too! Cheers to good-will among welders across the land. Come check out our welding supplies when you visit the Atlanta, GA area.