Horseshoe Wine Rack

It’s that festive time of year again — a great time to consider some fun welding projects for the holidays, or even making your own gifts! Have you thought about learning welding as a hobby? Consider making a metal Christmas tree, a reindeer, snowman, star, snowflake, wreath, ornament, wine rack, key chain, or any number of horseshoe projects! Stock up now at Sidney Lee Welding Supply for all of your welding supplies for the holidays.

Before we begin, a disclaimer. Please read our other blog posts on safety gear and never weld without safety gear! And if you’re not sure where to begin, you can always trust Sidney Lee Welding Supply to make sure you’re keeping safe while you weld.

Check out this Easy Horseshoe Wine Rack with two wine glass holders welding project from

Before you get started, visit Sidney Lee Welding Supply and talk with our experienced staff who can recommend what equipment and materials you will need for this project, and maybe even send us some photos of your completed wine rack!

We hope this project overview gives you some fun ideas for your hobby as a welder during the holiday season! Visit Sidney Lee Welding Supply in the Atlanta, GA area and let’s talk!