Georgia Welding in the News, Again!

We here at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. are happy to once again stand up on our shiny, welded soapbox to share our congratulations for Ryan Fincher. That’s the young man who is the first student to represent the great state of Georgia on behalf of his nation in the premier international welding competition. An expert with welding equipment in Georgia, he is the reigning SkillsUSA World Team Welder. Fincher graduated from the welding program at Georgia Northwestern Technical College two years ago, and has been welding competitively (both professionally and in the classroom, as an assistant at his former college) ever since.


Now he is upping his welding education courtesy of our friends at Lincoln Electric. As of press time he is off to begin a welding journey abroad. En route to the final competition in Russia this summer, he will travel to Germany and then China in search of welding wisdom from other world-class artisans of the arc weld. Specialized competitor training for WorldSkills Welding Competition is a cooperative training among each of the world’s national welding champs. We love the sound of this kind of camaraderie among the best young welders! If only the world could get along with such dignity in other fields too. Ryan reports that he enjoys getting to know his fellow best users of welding supplies outside of Georgia. We at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. are glad to know he will get even better at his arc welding during the training sponsored by Lincoln Electric. Please join us in wishing our national champ smooth welding ahead!


The scholarship of forty grand that he has already received simply for being our country’s best young welder is one example of the kind of abundance you can meet with if you decide to take up the torch. We like to tell you often that welding truly is one of the best growing fields to get involved with as soon as possible, from high school enrichment programs to technical school and community college, the options are there for American students to learn welding. Maybe you can be like Ryan Fincher one day, dropping beads from Georgia to Germany and the great industrial nations of Russia and China. If you have any questions of how to get started on this challenging and rewarding road to success, just give your local Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. store a ring today. We are conveniently located in five cities across the Atlanta, GA region.