Game of Thrones for Welders

If you have turned on a television any time in the last seven years, you probably have heard of Game of Thrones. As a welder, you know that to build any throne worthy of a king like Jon Snow will require hiring a talented Imperial Welder. Not far from our location in Georgia, a welding instructor over in Kentucky has taken a lead role in this adventure by welding a true to life replica of the Iron Throne. This amazing endeavor was done out of intelligence and skill, but also a good dose of self-interest. Michael Hayes, the welding student responsible for bringing the throne to life, welded it for his own seat. Another delusional over-the-top TV fan? Not exactly: this one was created to complete his own dream wedding.


You see, this skilled welder met his future wife over a shared enthusiasm for the hit TV show. So, it is only natural that by the time their love blossomed into a marriage proposal, Michael had to hit the shop and get to work on a throne worthy of his soon-to-be queen. The gigantic movie prop took him and a whole group of welding teachers two months to create, out of two hundred bounds of welded steel. Several thousand dollars later, he has a three hundred sword monstrosity that will serve as the perfect backdrop for his dream wedding. But he knows a good thing when he sees it: bride and groom can ride their throne to future prosperity by renting out the relic to other Games-crazed marriage couples, too. And they don’t have to stop at weddings, for surely others will benefit from his expertise with welding equipment by renting the Throne for whatever event they can dream up.


The Iron Throne replica was actually funded by the goodwill of Michael’s school of welding, where he works as an instructor. These experts chose to invest in welding equipment much like the industrial giants around Georgia and this country are doing every day. The resulting item is even more authentic than the “real” Throne, which as a mere movie set prop is not even welded from iron, but wrought from simple lightweight fiberglass. We know a real king when we see one! Congrats to Michael and his new wife Kacie! From all of us at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. we wish you a marriage as strong as these MIG weldments of steel!