Friction Welding in the Aerospace Industry

As a welder, you know how to use an arc welder like your favorite workhorse machine from Miller Welders. In Georgia, there are many expert welders thanks to robust technical schools from the secondary school, community college, and university levels. Another field that makes Georgia famous for its welding equipment prowess is aerospace engineering: this evergreen field is a specialty over at Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering. So if you are familiar with a good old arc welder but have no idea how they manage to create the humongous blades of a jumbo jet’s propellers, listen up!


When it comes to the aerospace industry, the art of utilizing welding equipment in Georgia and elsewhere takes on completely different proportions than you might be used to as a regular welder. As a professional welder, you are probably aware that in order to weld the big guns, especially if they are made of space-age metals outside the ken of the steels and aluminums you learned about in school, you have to put down your tank of oxy acetylene welding gas. Even your top of the line TIG from Miller Welders would bristle at the sight of a giant rotor for a 737 jet engine. For these applications, aerospace turns to a whole other animal: linear friction welding.


As the name implies, linear friction welding works by creating immense heat through friction. And that friction, as you can guess, is generated through creating linear pressure. We have discussed this awesome welding technique before on this blog. For the aerospace industry, what makes this use of welding equipment so special is that it is simply larger. The big news on the block is that for the first time in the USA, large scale friction welding is now available through a company in Detroit. While not quite your local Georgia welder, MTI’s machine makes this kind of aerospace welding possible on this side of the ocean, at least. This stride was made with assistance from the government, including the Department of Defense and the Office of Naval Research. Just like we keep telling you at Sidney Lee Welding Supply: our industry is on the constant up and up. If you have questions about how to acquire the best welding supplies in Atlanta, GA, call one of our friendly offices today!