Foundations Support Welding’s Future

Stick Welding Techniques

Welding is an industry that is well supported by many organizations, because it is so important for our country to have the welders we need to build our foundation. The country’s infrastructure is in great need of being fixed up, and that is what welders do best! Funny enough that a band with as welding-ready a name as Metallica has just upped the ante for welding education in the United States of America. Their Metallica Scholars program offers ten community colleges across the country with grants to improve their educational offerings in the name of helping our youth succeed. Students who want to help rebuild our infrastructure should become familiar with the proper use and maintenance of welding equipment first. One of the most affordable ways to do that has long been the community college approach to welding education.


Over in Michigan, Grand Rapids Community College will use their windfall to fund its much in-demand welding program. Specifically they hope to attract more “nontraditional students” those who, such as women in general, are statistically less likely to pick up a welding torch in their choice of career.

Part of the work they will accomplish with Metallica’s support is to help students with career preparation. The welding college program will assist employers getting their message out to students who are prospective welding employees. Afterall, once the students learn to operate welding equipment like Miller welders, they will want to learn about where they can put these skills to use. Site visits and mentoring are two ways that the Metallica Scholars program will help student welders to find employment in their field.


If you are a would-be welder down south, such as the state of Georgia for example, you can count on dozens of community college programs that are well-built to support your education. Even high schoolers are getting involved. The School System of McDuffie County received $100,000 from the Georgia Power Company Foundation to construct an in-school welding lab. They say that metal fabricating will be one of the top growing industries in Georgia over the next five years. If you are a welding student looking for the welding supplies you need to succeed in the Atlanta, GA region, contact Sidney Lee Welding Supply today!