Forged in Georgia

Atlanta, GA is home to many TV shows, pilots, reality shows, and feature films—and Sidney Lee Welding Supply has years of experience working with top production companies in the area. We are on-call to provide the welding equipment required by professionals in various facets of the film production industry. We rent welding machines for building sets, production of special effects and stunts. If your production team needs to bolt a prop in front of the green screen for special effects, or weld together elements of fabrication work, we have the necessary welding machines and supplies for rent.

We are proud to be factory distributors of Miller Welding Machines, Lincoln Welding Machines and Electrodes, Metabo Power Tools, Victor Welding and Cutting Torches, and Smith Welding and Cutting Torches. Sidney Lee Welding Supply also supplies liquid carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen for special effects. Our high-pressure nitrogen is available in six or twelve packs to carry out exciting special effects, and we have helium for lifting light fixtures on set. Sidney Lee Welding Supply’s stores across the Atlanta area are ready to deliver propane cylinders for heating solutions from swimming pools to trailers, and also for special effects work.

Speaking of the entertainment industry, have you watched the History Channel’s Forged in Fire TV competition series? Four of the nation’s best bladesmiths compete in each episode to create historical weapons from raw material at their forges, trying to win the $10,000 prize while avoiding elimination.

And what’s exciting for us is that Atlanta, GA’s own blacksmiths, Jessica Collins and Mark Hopper, won that $10,000 prize in 2018 during a special master/apprentice episode. Collins and Hopper, owners of Goat N Hammer (, teach classes and have a fabulous online market of products.

So if you’re considering a welding career in the film or TV industry, contact Sidney Lee Welding Supply today for all of your welding supplies and equipment.