Economics of Welding in America

Well, here’s a drum we always like to beat: It’s a good time to learn how to operate welding supplies, as usual! Recent statistics say there will be 400,000 vacant welding torches, so to speak, by 2024 throughout the United States of America. This is calculated by figuring the amount of “boomers” and other likely retirees who will put down their welding equipment in the next few years and move on with their lives, making room for the youth to get down to business and make some of that famous welding cash. With salaries ranging from the basic $30k/year up through the mid-$100k for expert and unionized welders, both beginners and old hands operating welding equipment can do much more than make ends meet (see what we did there?). Did you know about the infamous pay gap, though? In welding, according to a 2016 Cornell study, women can make 20% less than their male counterparts, with reference to the hourly wage in “blue collar jobs” as a general category.


That’s why we are happy to know that our very own Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, recently visited an in-state boiler company to pay homage to the economic growth that welding equipment brings to our home state. Hurst Boiler & Welding Co. is a real mom-and-pop success story that now operates a 300,000 square foot factory that provides hundreds of jobs. Governor Kemp was correct to note the increased value of jobs such as these, out in the more rural regions of Georgia. Such work openings supply even more economic bang for the buck when compared to the urban jobs that companies provide to many of the welders within our capital city of Atlanta, GA. This really is a tribute to the scalability and transportability of the welder’s arc as a means to employ individuals everywhere: one man with a welding machine can keep himself busy in a small town, just as a whole shipyard full of women with torches can rivet a whole Navy together.

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