DIY Welding Spotlight III

At Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co, we are always excited by what our customers are able to build with their welding talents! The do-it-yourself trend—DIY for short—is a big part of welding’s current popularity. Not everyone who buys a new machine from Miller welders in Georgia wants to become a line-man in a busy factory. Some simply want to finally weld that railing to their porch, or learn how to build their own tables. Once you have obtained the right welding equipment and training, donning the appropriate safety gear, the life of a DIY welder can be yours, too.


Many times we hear about DIY welders who found this hobby later in life, even in retirement from a ‘regular’ career. One enthusiastic hobbyist gathers scrap metal in buckets in his backyard, ready for when welding inspiration strikes. These pieces are either culled from things like friends’ cars, or bought at farm auction. He started to learn welding to make some important repairs around the house, after retiring from a long career in law enforcement. After he realized that he could utilize welding equipment all the time, he started thinking creatively, too. His first DIY art project was a sculpture for his wife. Now he is branching out, and welding art creations for others too, even for sale! As an artist he finds he is able to do things with welding that professionals might scoff at, such as creatively splattering his weld for a varied look against the backing of shiny sheet metals.


Another example of a welder who decided to do it himself after a successful career as an artist is Miguel Edwards, an American painter who discovered he enjoyed holding a torch as much as a brush. After a decade of painting, he turned to sculpture. Soon after, he began working with steel. Next thing he knew, he was commissioned by the Special Olympics to create the iconic torch for their 50th anniversary Games this year. He is proud of his 2000-pound steel work of art that he welded for this major event.


If you are enthused by these stories of DIY welding, why not give it a try yourself? Some fun and practical ideas include making a door lantern for your front porch, creating a steel fire pit for the backyard, or creating a serving bar with a MIG torch from Miller welders and some corrugated metal. Designs for fun projects like these can be found all over the internet, and will help you create welded objects your whole family will appreciate. If you need the gear to get these projects done, just ask the friendly staff at Sidney Lee Welding Supply how we can help you reach your DIY welding dreams.