DIY Welding News

If you are a hobbyist or occasional DIY user of welding equipment in Georgia, you probably don’t want to invest your whole savings into a top-notch MIG welder quite yet. You’ve probably noticed that there are also cheaper welding supplies available from even your regular discount stores these days. Are these machines, which can utilize inverter technology instead of the AC or DC power supply of Miller welders, worth your purchase? Considering that they can use the power from the wall of your hobbyist garage, there are some definite advantages for the light user of welding equipment in Atlanta GA.


With an inverter-powered welding machine, there is no generator needed – which also means your overall electricity costs could be lower on the whole, another great factor for the DIY welder on a budget. Forget the diesel for your generator, and save your gas money for welding gases in your gas metal arc welders!

The downside of an inverter welder, especially a cheaper welding machine made with that technology, is that its electronic components are more likely to break down sooner. So, whether or not an inverter will ultimately be a better bargain for you is actually a tossup. Especially if you are going to be welding very thin pieces of steel, whether stainless or aluminum, it would be better to invest in a MIG welder from Miller Welders. Generally speaking, you will be able to attain a much lower overall amperage from an inverter than from a more robust DC unit. Also, due to the more refined electronics and semiconductors under the hood, the user can dial up a specific amperage more easily. Just don’t expect a higher current to last all that long—these machines have a lower duty cycle than their expensive counterparts.


As usual, if all this talk about welding tech has you interested and/or confused, just call your local store of Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co to get your welding supplies in Hampton, Conyers, Macon, Douglasville, and Atlanta, GA today.