DIY Spotlight

Maker’s culture is in vogue, and so are the DIY artisans of the welding world. In this blog we will take a look at some uplifting stories of do-it-yourself welders in the news. If you are a student or hobbyist welder, you can depend on Sidney Lee for welding supplies in the Atlanta, GA area.


An inspiring story from Texas tells us how even trade-savvy High School students can be of service when they know how to operate welding equipment. A group of students at Veterans Memorial High School discovered that a local veteran needed help with a mobility aid that was less than perfect. They inspected a ramp he required to get in and out of his house, and realized that it could be improved with the welding skills they were acquiring at school. Even though it was nearly summertime, the kids put their welding thinking-caps on and got together to design improvements for the veteran’s ramp. This impromptu final project allowed them to weld something truly useful, all the while firing up their inspiration for future careers in welding.


All the way over in the African nation of Nigeria, one artisan is catching the attention of the art world. Dotun Popoola loves to create metal art with his welding equipment. He was proud to share his hybrid sculpture art with folks on our side of the globe at an exhibition in South Dakota in 2015. He takes a creative approach to materials, using found objects like car parts, tool pieces, household appliances, and basically anything made from metal. Welding these together into the shape of a horse’s head, Popoola fulfills his childhood artistic interests while cementing his place as one of Nigeria’s representatives to the international metalsmithing scene.


Richard Sonnek is 83 years old and is still welding fine pieces of artistic metalwork from his studio in Minnesota. His story is a true American classic: he learned to operate welding equipment so that he could repair his farm machinery in the 1950s. From those utilitarian days he has found his niche as a creative welder, using newer tools like plasma cutters to make detailed shapes like a horse’s mane out of metal rods. It seems that the challenging form of the horse is a perpetual subject for DIY welding artisans, maybe due to the proximity of many traditional artists to farms and countryside wherever they may be. If you find yourself inspired by the natural world anywhere near the Atlanta, GA region, be sure to visit Sidney Lee Welding Supply to find the right tools you can depend on to create welded works of art yourself.