Cutting Edge Welding Methods

If you are an experienced user of welding equipment in Georgia, no doubt you like to keep up with the latest high tech news of the industry. Linear friction welding and robotic resistance spot welding are two of the cutting edge ways that high-tech machinists are joining metals together these days. Linear friction is used in aerospace applications, and wouldn’t exactly be practical for your more common shop situations. The weldment is formed by one rapidly spinning metal pressing up against another. Such a machine can join two metals in a literal moment, and create barely any fumes, at that. Airplane turbines and other bladed disks made from titanium alloys can be manufactured utilizing this process that has been in development for over thirty years. From a welder’s perspective, this kind of welding process is special because there is no other material used, only the two pieces of metal that join together in a flash to create the kind of super-strong bond required by these industries.


This kind of use of welding equipment is actually pretty unique. Since the high degree of force between metals causes any and all contaminants contained in them to be burned away, the metals are directly joined in a solid state–they aren’t even melted together as in the case of fusion welding.

The engineers over at Daimler Benz automotive manufacturers have come up with an amazing new method of welding that is truly a cutting-edge technique. This focuses on ultra-high strength steels that can be used in making lighter and stronger cars of the future. A team of engineers from the University of Alabama teamed up with Mercedes in Germany to experiment with the new way of high energy welding. By directing a strong current of electricity in a jolt through a metal car frame, these welders are able to accomplish the weld in a fraction of a second. However, this spot welding is not yet perfect: it causes embrittlement at the boundaries of the weld. This is due to anti-corrosive zinc being applied in order to extend the life of car bodies. So the University team has borrowed a setup from Daimler Alabama to investigate solutions.


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