Creating Wealth at a Young Age

The plain and simple truth is that our world is built in a manner that requires constant welding work. With so much equipment required to run the facilities we use every day, it’s inevitable that repairs, modifications, and replacements are necessary on a consistent basis. And the opportunities to build a career offering this essential work is boundless. With a little bit of start-up cost to get yourself tools and equipment and a period of time dedicated to learning the necessary skills, you can begin this fruitful career. One thing we find so encouraging? A flood of young welders making their way on the scene and beginning a life that brings in financial security at a very youthful age.


While many welders charge different rates for their work and the payment can vary depending on the job, the possibility to make anywhere from $15-60 an hour is accessible to people getting into this career. It’s always been important for welders to have a decent set of skills and an eye toward detail, but this hourly rate range is not tied to years and years of experience.


Beyond building financial stability, there are many other benefits offered by this work that make it an appealing career to pursue. While your job site may vary, you can set yourself up for independence by working outdoors or in your own shop. Be in control of your hours and who you choose to work with by establishing your own business and defining the projects and clients you accept. Because many people don’t want to weld, it opens up the opportunities for those who do, allowing them greater flexibility to demand higher hourly rates and selectively choose their projects.

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