Building the Welding Community

It’s no surprise that a lot of organizations around the world support welding education. As such a vital piece of our world, welding provides the infrastructure and fabrication we need to keep things in motion. But did you know that the support for this application reaches further than community organizations and educational programs? Ever heard of the band Metallica? Well, they’re fans of welding and see the importance of this craft for the future of our country, and they’ve taken steps to help it grow.


The Metallica Scholars program helps ten community colleges all around the country with funding to update their welding programs with the aim of drawing in more youth welders. They’ve helped create affordable ways to pursue this skill by supporting these educational programs! Not only do these programs often bring in folks brand new to welding, but they also work hard to attract students of color and women to change the population of welding workers.


Even without the gracious support of Metallica’s funding, the welding programs in this country continue to grow and evolve, offering students more opportunities to take up this career. Even students at the high school level are being introduced to this method of fabrication, in hopes of opening up opportunities to even younger crowds. Looking to watch an industry grow? Keep your eyes on welding in the next few years!

If you’re a student just getting into welding, Sidney Lee Welding Supply is a great spot to visit. We have tools and supplies fit for your skill level at every one of our five locations in and around the Atlanta, GA area! We look forward to seeing you!