Brewing up the Future with Welding

Brewing up the future with Welding

One of the biggest growth areas sweeping the American economy these days is beer. Across the land, breweries pop up like mushrooms in the spring. Fortunately for us, breweries require the use of that other major growth industry: welding. Both for the need to weld things to make beer, and for the use of specialty welding gases like nitrogen and CO2, beer makers and welders overlap professionally. Cheers!


Lots of craft beer makers in the Atlanta, GA area start small as home brewers. These businesses can even rely on their welding chops to set up shop. Yet as any pro knows, it takes some skill to get your welds water tight! When you think of craft beer, you probably imagine oak barrels of liquid soaking in the wood’s rustic essences, but that’s more likely the case for a whiskey distillery or winery. Most American beer is stored in good old stainless steel. It is easier to find stateside, and simpler to maintain. Cue the welder! Armed with a machine from Miller welders in Georgia, a professional can seal up any leaky gasket or seam along the beer assembly line.


Kegs in American beer manufacturing are most often made from 304L stainless steel. This kind of metal can, for the most part, takes the heat of the direct flame used by brewers to boil up their batches of hoppy ale. Due to the smaller amount of carbon in this metal, it can withstand direct heat longer without eventually cracking. Still, over the years, it is possible that even the highest quality brew kit will need to be welded. Home brewers can be home welders, too, and learn to utilize a TIG welder when needed. Of course, we should mention that once a keg has been welded it can never safely be used in a high-pressure situation again, no matter how good the weld. Instead, it can be repurposed as a water storage tank, or some equally tame part of the process.


The other use of welding equipment in the beer world is obviously on the fizz-side of the supply chain. Welding gases are a great source of the carbon dioxide brewers need to get their fermented beverages bubbling. Sidney Lee Welding Supply is proud to offer Purity Plus certified welding gases for our friends in the beverage industry.