Blacksmiths Who Weld Too

Sidney Lee Welding Supply tips our welding visor to our profession’s ancient forebears, the smiths. Blacksmiths, goldsmiths, metal-smiths of all stripes have been banging out metals for centuries. We love it when we find modern day welders who create cross overs between ancient and modern ways of crafting with welding equipment. Will, the creator of Enso Forge, a blacksmith shop in Pennsylvania, is one such example. As a teen he studied welding at a technical high school. After graduating, he did the usual thing for a young person trained in the use of welding equipment such as TIG machines by Miller welders. He got out there and joined the workforce, making bank with a torch. Better still, he found that he could travel across the country welding and doing fabrication at power plants. Traveling got him in touch with his creative side, as well as the side of him that likes to eat! So when he returned home, Will decided to convert his garage into a forge. Why not create bespoke culinary supplies using his affinity for metal smithing?


Fate smiled on the young smith when a client traded an old anvil in exchange for some fabrication work he completed with his trusty welding supplies. He was on his way. Next, he created his own gas forge and started to hammer out knives on that anvil. Of course, hammering single knives to perfection takes a lot of attention and time, in addition to skill and artistry. All told, the hourly wage isn’t as lucrative as the standard union wage for a welder, but he gets to pour his passion into each completed high-end culinary knife that leaves his forge.


The dreamer in him enjoys knowing that each piece will be treasured over the years, and will go on to create many delicious meals in perpetuity. So, there you have it, another inspired welder who capitalized on his skill with welding supplies in an unusual way and succeeded in business along the way. As usual, for all the welding equipment in Atlanta, GA that you need (except for the anvil), contact Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. today!