Blacksmithing Coal

If we asked you to name welding’s earliest ancestor, of course you would know the answer: the blacksmith at his forge. Before we modern welders were firing up our oxy torches, we were smithing metals with the heat of fire itself. Many still do, especially in the expanding field of blacksmithing. You might not have known that one of the best welding supplies available in Georgia today is good old-fashioned blacksmithing coal.


Basically, anyone who lifts a hammer against iron heated on a forge is a blacksmith. Blacksmiths make everything from horseshoes, to nails, to wrought-iron fences. On the one hand, due to the changing availability of all kinds of manufactured items, modern blacksmiths have to focus more on their artistic expression than in olden times; yet on the other hand, these days we tend to see hand-made tools as objects of art, too. So even if in some ways their trade has been displaced by newer methods, a modern blacksmith can revel in the craft of his predecessors, while also being considered an artisan by society.


If you want to be a blacksmith, you will need to acquire a few basic pieces of welding equipment to begin:

• Forge

• Anvil

• Hammers and tools

• Safety Equipment

• Fuel


If you want a truly modern setup, you could opt for a gas powered forge. Yet isn’t part of the earthy charm of blacksmithing its sooty, hardened ways? What is more sooty and hard than actual black anthracite coal, which burns with an surprising intensity of heat. The blacksmith’s coal available for welding supplies in Atlanta, Georgia from Sidney Lee Welding Supply burns between 14,373 and 15,724 BTU/lb. We stock our fifty pound bags at all five of our convenient locations around the Atlanta, GA area. These are sourced from the same seam of coal mined in the southeastern region of West Virginia, so you know the fuel you burn will be of a uniform quality throughout. Whether you decide on using blacksmithing coal, or instead opt for a setup fueled by welding gas, you can rely on Sidney Lee for your welding supply needs in Georgia, at any of our five locations in Hampton, Conyers, Macon, Douglasville or Atlanta, GA.