Blacksmith Coal at Sidney Lee Welding Supply

If you need Blacksmith Coal for your work or project, Sidney Lee Welding Supply in Atlanta, GA is your source! In the world of forge welding or blacksmithing, coal or gas is used to generate your heat source, and metals are hammered to bind them together using pressure.

A portable forge is ideal for blacksmithing because if you ever have to move or remodel, you can easily take your forge with you. The main components of your cast iron forge usually include the hearth, tuyere, water basin, and blower. The tuyere makes the fire hotter by directing air into the fire. The blower is typically manual with a portable forge and can usually produce about 2 ounces per square foot of pressure. The fire pot and base of a forge normally have an air inlet attached to the base, an ash gate, and air blast valve. And portable forges should have a hood to direct smoke away from your work area.

The anvil is the main tool used in the ancient art of blacksmithing. Two parts of casted steel welded together create the anvil, and the cutting block or table is the softer part of the anvil. When working on the cutting block, your metal cutters or metal chisels shouldn’t be dulled. However, the face of the anvil, made of hardened and tempered steel, can be hammered and will not get damaged. The rounded edges of an anvil, usually about four inches from the table, are designed so that you can bend and shape metal while protecting it. The rest of the edges on the anvil are sharp so you can cut your piece while hammering the edges.

What are some of the hand-forging tools you need for blacksmithing? Bow pliers, center punch, wire brush, bending forks, Blacksmith’s square, bolster, scrolling tongs, vise, cold chisel, and more. Whatever your blacksmithing projects require, stop by Sidney Lee Welding Supply in the Atlanta, GA area for your Blacksmith Coal. We sell it in 50 lb. bags at all five Sidney Lee Welding Supply locations, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.