Basic Welding Tools to Get Started

If getting the latest equipment isn’t in this year’s budget, you can still continue to thrive as a welder.  We’ll help you figure out what to get. You can have an amazing welder career, while working with little more than the basics.

If you’re new to welding, it’s best to learn on simple welding machines while building your skills, whether you’re working with the latest Miller Welder or an older one. When starting out your focus should be on achieving clean and strong welds that can be done with any welding machine. As your skills grow and improve you can upgrade your equipment. To potential employers, the quality of your work is more important than your level of specialized training. So focus on honing your skills and the rest will come in time. As your skills improve, you can upgrade your tools, and Sidney Lee Welding is always here to help guide you as you expand and grow your toolbox.

Some basic tools to start your tool kit with include: a welding machine, safety gloves, ear and eye protection, a welding helmet, leathers and apron, a scribe, measuring tool, clamps, file, and wrench. We, at Sidney Lee Welding Supply are proud to be factory distributors of major manufacturers, such as Miller Electric, Hobart, Lincoln, Victory and many others. We will be happy to help you select the best welding equipment to suit your level and needs. And if you need to rent equipment, we proudly provide that service as well.

Invest in a good pair of safety gloves to protect your hands, which will be in constant contact with the material when metalworking. Protecting your eyes and ears is essential, and investing in a welding helmet is crucial to protect your eyes from UV light when welding.

You’ll want to invest in an accurate measuring tool, between 25 and 30 feet, which will help you build anything effectively. Invest in several clamps too, as they will be used to secure your weld to your work table—you can never have enough.

A wrench will come in handy to help turn on your regulator for your gas flows, and will make securing things easy if you need to create mechanical joints within your weld. And having a good file will help smooth finishes with your softer metal projects.

As your metalworking skills improve and expand, you’ll want more advanced tools and equipment. Want to start or grow your welding toolbox? Sidney Lee Welding Supply is your spot in the Atlanta, GA area! Our goal is to provide the best products and the highest level of customer service, offering our clients the expertise we’ve gained from fifty years in the welding supply industry. Stop by and we’ll help you choose the right tools to get started!