Back to the Basics

In the world of welding, there are countless exciting tools and supplies to ogle over as you build up your career. And welding technology is always advancing and giving way to new and better designs. Given the work you pursue, you might have some pretty high-tech machines in mind and we don’t blame you. It’s always fun to get the latest tool and watch what it can do! But we’re here to remind you that if that equipment isn’t in the budget for this year (or next), there’s no reason you can’t keep thriving as a welder! In this blog, we talk about how working with little more than the basics can support an amazing welding career!


When you attend a trade school, don’t expect to be handling the latest technology. And there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, it’s better to learn on simple welding machines so that you focus on what’s truly important: building your skills. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with the latest Miller Welder or one from ten years ago, your focus as a beginner should be about achieving strong, clean welds and that can be done with any welding machine! Many jobs offer on-the-job training where you’ll get a more in-depth understanding of a specific type of welding, but you won’t know what you want to specialize in until you master the basics.


Did you know that many of the most lucrative careers don’t require you to wield intensely complex welding machines? As a pipefitter, you can opt to work with simple arc welders and still build a successful career. Most people hiring welders are much more concerned with the quality of the work as opposed to the level of specialized training so prioritize practicing and the rest will come later.

Want to get your hands on some simple but effective welding machines in the Atlanta, GA area? Sidney Lee Welding Supply is your spot! Come on by and we’ll help you choose the right tools to get started!