Arc Welding Safely

Arc Welding Safely

Recent reports show that without proper safety equipment, arc welding can be hazardous to our health. That’s why we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. carry the welding equipment you need to be safe on the job. Keep that particulate matter filtered so it doesn’t weld its way into your lungs. We hope your welding career will be long and successful. Get the gear you need to protect yourself and your career at any of our five locations in the Atlanta, GA region.


Researchers at Far Eastern Federal University in Russia have found that the fumes from arc welding can indeed contain hazardous particles, based on the types of welding supplies most commonly used for electrodes. Oxidized nanoparticles of various metals are the culprit. Since these little guys can hang suspended in the air for long periods of time, it’s important that you and everyone in your workspace are properly outfitted with ventilators, and if right for your situation, to have an environmental fume extractor in place too.


The jury is still out on what makes an arc weld more or less likely to produce these hazards. Some experts say that the higher current charging through your electrode, the less of the bad stuff gets created. Yet as any expert welder would notice, this is basically a riddle worthy of the Sphinx: with a higher melting point required of certain metals, you’re just going to get more fumes, because they require higher amperage to get welded. One thing you definitely can do is take care of your breathing by getting the latest technology in your protective gear. We recommend respirators like those welding helmets made by Miller Welders. These are able to filter particles while sending your breath out an exhaust valve. Just make sure you find a model that fits comfortably under your hood! Stop by and test  out this welding equipment today at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Macon, Douglasville, and other locations near Atlanta, GA.