Aluminum Welding

If you are welding aluminum, chances are high that you own and operate a Gas Metal Arc Welder like one manufactured by Miller Welders. Otherwise known as MIG welding, these guns get their arcs powered up by heating up welding gases. If you are welding in a high-end facility you may even operate an automated robotic GMAW setup, such as those used to create the beautiful and lightweight automotive parts consumers love around the world.


Whether you’ve got a MIG or TIG setup, you’ll want to know how to use your welding equipment in an efficient manner. You don’t want to burn up all your profits in excess energy or welding consumables, do you? That’s why there are multiple modes to power up your Miller Welders machine. Pulsed gas metal arc welding serves as an alternative to the regular constant voltage (CV) machines. Such an advance changes things up by alternating between the constant amount of melting flux dripping into the weldment. This works by keeping a low constant energy flow in the background while still allowing the metal to cool: the arc keeps going but the metal doesn’t burn through. Pulsed welding gives you greater control over the welding process, while decreasing the amount of energy expended. For these reasons and more we recommend getting to know this welding process for your professional advancement!


If you are not yet trained in using new welding tech like this, we recommend getting the education you need to succeed from a certified training center or technical college. For the welding equipment and expertise you need to get up and running with the latest welding supplies in Georgia, call Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. We love talking shop about our array of Miller Welding machines, including the best pulsed gas metal arc welding machines on the market. Come by for a demo and learn the different programs these machines pack for the aluminum welder of today.