All About Welding Copper

When it comes to welding, different metals require different approaches. It’s important to fully understand the composition and needs of the materials you’re working with in order to choose the best tools and techniques to get a nice weld. Today, we’re taking a look at welding copper, which can present some difficulty if you don’t have the right tools. Read on to learn why.


Because copper is highly conductive, it absorbs heat like no other metal. This makes it a difficult material to work with because it can cool during welding. For that reason, it’s important to know that welding with copper requires the welder to move quickly. If you’re planning a project that involves this material, expert welders would advise you to think through all your welds carefully and know exactly what you’re going to do before beginning. Once you initiate your weld, try to get a puddle as quickly as possible and then move through the seam rapidly. Remember, you’re fighting a losing battle if you don’t employ the right tools or know exactly what welds you’re about to make.


The saving grace of helium comes to the rescue. While you can use other gases when welding most metals, it’s best to choose helium when it comes to copper. Because this gas has 1.7 times the amperage drive than you’d have using something like Argon, it is far superior in delivering a nice weld. Of course, when it comes to machines, you can’t go wrong with a Miller TIG welding machine. At Sidney Lee Welding Supply, we’re happy to discuss all your welding projects and get you set up with the right tools and equipment for success!