All About Rods

Starting to explore welding? We’re here to help! Rods can be a big part of your welding experience, depending on what type of method or technique you’re using. We put together this blog to introduce you to some of their uses and give you a leg up on your new hobby. Keep in mind that there are more factors involved than simply what type of rod you use to weld and that your work is also affected by what type of machine you use. Now, let’s get into the details and learn about welding rods!


There are two main differences between rods, which affect how you interact with them. Rods can either be consumable or non-consumable. What’s the difference? We’re glad you asked. Starting with consumable rods, we use an example of the traditional stick, which is used with submerged arc welder equipment. In this case, the stick melts down as it is being welded to become part of the seam on the two metals you are working on. This method entails the welder to continuously feed the stick into the site of welding as they work to ensure a good, continuous seam.


Then, we have non-consumable rods. These are used with TIG welding applications. While consumable rods require flux to be consumed, TIG welding sticks do not. In this case, the sticks will be in their alloyed form, which create a higher resistance and work better in high-current welding situation.

Ready to get started with welding sticks? We’ve got a ton in stock at Sidney Lee Welding Supply! We’ll also be happy to discuss with you what types of machines would be best and what welding supplies you’ll need to get to work. Stop by anytime!