Accessible Projects for Beginners

Whether you’re learning welding for a career opportunity, or you just want to work on projects at home, it’s fun to be able to put your skills to good use right from the start! The wonderful thing about welding is that with only a little practice, you can start making simple things on your own and build your skills through fun projects! We love encouraging new welders to explore making things at home as a way to develop their technique and work out any kinks to their skills, especially if they plan to pursue welding professionally. Today, we’ll talk about a few projects we like to recommend to new welders to help them move to the next level!


Perhaps the best place to start is buy making your own welding table. This will come in handy with all your future projects and it can feel liberating to fabricate a working surface customized to your needs. Moving on to a slightly more complex but accessible project, you’re sure to enjoy a steel hanging pan rack for your kitchen. Free up space on shelves by creating this rack for your wall. Once you’ve successfully made one for yourself and worked out any kinks involved in the process, it’s a great product to make for clients down the road. For that matter, any kind of storage shelving is a great project idea to help you learn about construction and improve your welding technique.


After mastering some basics, try some harder projects! You’ve already made yourself a welding table, so take those skills and apply them to making beautiful coffee tables or dining sets. Chairs and stools are tricky but can be great way to make money once you master the technique. Speaking of money makers, learning how to make a custom bar or beautiful fire grate will benefit your welding business. And don’t forget the countless outdoor projects you could tackle, like a fire pit or a trellis.

Starting with projects for your home is a great way to build up these skills and help you improve. Want more advice about starting off as a beginner? Stop by Sidney Lee Welding Supply in the Atlanta area and talk to our team!