A Variety of Unusual Welding Methods

A Variety of Unusual Welding Methods

Most welders can choose between using an arc welding machine or one of the TIG/MIG variety to suit the bulk of their metal fabrication needs. Yet for certain applications, there are a bevy of lesser-used welding machine types, which we will run through in this blog post. As always, direct your welding equipment queries to the expert staff at your local office of Sidney Lee Welding Supply, Co in the Atlanta, GA region to find the right welding supplies for your needs.

More specialized kinds of Arc Welding include:

• Submerged Arc Welding
• Electroslag welding
• Electrogas welding
• Atomic Hydrogen welding
• Carbon Arc Welding

Submerged Arc Welding, or SAW, is so called because the weld occurs beneath a layer of flux made of silica, lime, manganese, and other elements. This is a safe method of welding to use for steel and certain alloys. One benefit of Submerged Arc welding is that the radiation is hidden from view under the consumable layer. You can find the necessary consumables for SAW made by Lincoln Electric and other top manufacturers at Sidney Lee’s stores stocked with welding supplies in Hampton, Conyers, Macon, Douglasville, and the Atlanta, GA area.

Other varieties of arc welding methods do not use consumable materials in the same way that SAW does. Electroslag welding is utilized for robust jobs such as joining the thick sections of metal required for nuclear power plants, aerospace industry, and nautical projects. It is especially used for non-steel metals and, like many welding techniques, takes lots of skill to master the required welding equipment. Electrogas welding uses an electrode that is consumed by the arc, along with a shielding gas to prevent contamination from the atmosphere. This method is also used for ship-building applications and is appropriate for heavy steel. Two of the older arc welding methods include atomic hydrogen welding and carbon arc welding. The first of these is best suited to welding tungsten which requires especially hot welds. The latter reaches similar temperatures above 3000 degrees Celsius by means of a heated carbon electrode.

Additional kinds of welding methods beyond these forms of arc welding include:

• Gas welding
• Resistance welding
• Energy beam welding
• Solid-state welding

Gas welding, or oxy-acetylene welding, makes use of welding gases in combination with oxygen to attain extremely hot temperatures. It is best suited for pipe-fitters as well as artistic uses. Resistance welding covers a broad category of methods, including spot and seam welding, that require a combination of force and electricity to create the heat necessary to weld. One high-tech welding type is Energy Beam Welding which can only be accomplished in a complete vacuum. In this case, either electrons or lasers are fired directly at the workpiece, melting the metals together.
One last category of welding includes the old-fashioned solid-state weld of the blacksmith’s forge and hammer, up to and including explosive, friction-based, and even magnetic pulse welding methods. There are so many creative ways people throughout history have discovered that enables them to bring two pieces of metal together. Find the welding equipment you need at your local Sidney Lee Welding Supply Store in the Atlanta region.