Teaching Those Behind Bars to Weld Bars

Welding Behind Bars

One of the places you might not expect to find eager welders is behind bars. Though on the other hand, it makes sense, being around all that metal and without much else to do. Teaching inmates to weld can give them hope of a future trade once on the outside.

Student Welding Spotlight

Tech schools across the country prepare students to be welders early in adulthood. Both high school and college-aged students can learn the skills they need to operate welding equipment in Georgia and beyond. One innovative secondary school program in the Midwest gives science students the computer skills to design and implement welding projects of their …

Let’s Go to Welding School

Welding Behind Bars

If you are seeking an exciting and lucrative field that can establish your career while building up the nation’s infrastructure, welding might be right for you! Depending on your level of experience in the field, attending a reputable welding school could be the obvious first step. If you happen to live near Sidney Lee Welding …