Georgia Welding in the News

Georgia Welding in the News

If you are a welding student in Georgia, please give us a call. Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co has the welding equipment you need to get ahead in your studies, at our five convenient locations in the Atlanta area.

Arc Welding Safely

Arc Welding Safely

Recent reports show that without proper safety equipment, arc welding can be hazardous to our health. That’s why we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. carry the welding equipment you need to be safe on the job. Keep that particulate matter filtered so it doesn’t weld its way into your lungs. We hope your welding …

Welding Tech in the Medical Field

Medical Welding

Here at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. we are always keeping up with developments in welding equipment in the Atlanta, GA area and beyond. In fact, our specialties include providing high-end welding gas for our clients in the medical field.

Teaching Those Behind Bars to Weld Bars

Welding Behind Bars

One of the places you might not expect to find eager welders is behind bars. Though on the other hand, it makes sense, being around all that metal and without much else to do. Teaching inmates to weld can give them hope of a future trade once on the outside.

Welding in the USA

Here at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Company in Atlanta, GA we are all about your success. That’s why we are confident that building up your skills in the mechanical and construction trades is one way to succeed in today’s economy. One of the most versatile skills you can acquire in these fields is to become an expert welder.

Welding Art Spotlight

For the artistic welder, using inert gas welding machines such as a TIG machine from Miller Welders is a great way to create clean joints with minimum oxidation. Argon gas like that available in Georgia from Sidney Lee Welding Supply shields the welder’s electrical current to keep it clean. WELDING ART IN THE OUTBACK AND …